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Concious Eating vs Asleep Eating.

Alive with loveliness.

Alive with loveliness.

For many of us (both with and without eating disorders) learning to be conscious of what exactly we’re eating can really be helpful in switching to a new, healthy lifestyle. I know that for me, the more I understand the actual ingredients in processed foods, the less appeal they hold for me.  Seriously, when a food item’s ingredients have ingredients, you’re treading into some scary (and often deceptive) territory.

“Natural Ingredients” does not actually mean that the contents are “natural” in the sense which you or I would like to believe that they are. The umbrella term “natural” also encompasses things like Genetically Modified Organisms, fluid from animal’s anal sacs, and also many other really unhealthy and unethically obtained items.

A good rule of thumb is that if some of the ingredients in the food item which you are about to purchase are A). Not actually food items, but are instead, chemical compounds, or B). listed under umbrella terms such as “natural and artificial flavours, colours, or ingredients”, someone is trying to pull the wool over your eyes, and that item is best left on the shelf of the store. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t (or even that I don’t) ever eat these sort of foods, but I am suggesting that when doing so we be fully aware of the fact that what we are consuming is not actually food.

In my opinion, food should be made up of things found in nature which have encountered very little processing or alteration by human hands. Most of the food which I keep in my home as staples have 3 or fewer ingredients, and it’s reassuring to know that these sort of foods would have fed my ancestors without them thinking something strange was going on.

Way back in January I was shocked by the ingredients on a package of two bite brownies at a convenience store. They had no fewer than FIFTY ingredients, whereas the ones I make from scratch at home contain maybe six. Seriously, this is the sort of bizarre laboratory produced food that your average person is eating these days! Most people are more afraid that a whole wheat pita will make them fat than they are concerned that the majority of the food they eat on a daily basis has been developed in a science laboratory, with many individual ingredients that they would never dream of adding to a recipe at home.

I find that focusing on eating foods which are ACTUALLY found in nature, are nourishing and nutrient dense, really helps balance my cravings, keeps my energy levels high, and generally helps remind me that as humans we are intrinsically connected with all life, and that the more alive our food choices are, the more alive our lives will be. This has helped me so much in not obsessing over the size of my body, or how many calories I eat.

It’s so much more fun to eat and live to fuel vibrancy, than it is to be constantly obsessed with how many calories I eat. Connected and aware eating is a huge part of my spiritual journey, and disconnected eating really is one of the last barriers which I have placed in my own path. I over-came drug and alcohol abuse in the 1990s, I overcame nicotine addiction in the early 2000s and I am almost done with this whole battle I’ve had going with food since I was a small child.  I deserve to be vibrant, awake and healthy, and I am becoming so.


101 Reasons to Quit Eating Processed Foods Forever


101 Reasons to Quit Eating Processed Foods Forever. (source article link)

by Jill Ettinger

Corn Chips

It’s almost impossible to go to the market without coming back with something in a box, bag, can or jar. The simplicity of eliminating steps in preparing our food is now commonplace. We cut corners because food manufacturers make it so unbelievably easy and cheap to do so. Certainly some processed foods are safer than others, and most of us recognize how truly lucky we are to have so many options at our fingertips. And that’s just the point: When we change our food habits, we change the world.

It may seem as if processed food only affects our health, but there’s a much bigger impact…and all the more reason for us to cut processed foods out for good. Need a little motivation in making the shift to a truly whole foods diet? Here are 101 reasons to stop eating processed foods…forever.

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10 Most Absurd Lies Told By McDonald’s CEO| Alternet


McPoison (Photo credit: SlipStreamJC)



I’m just flabbergasted by how dishonest so much of the corporate world is, and by how readily people believe pretty well everything they hear, without filtering or double checking the facts. McDonald’s isn’t food, no matter how many different ways they utilize to convince us otherwise.


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Vegan Black Bean Burgers, Gardening and Thinking About GMOs.

Nothing is quite as awesome as leftover homemade black bean burgers!

Nothing is quite as awesome as leftover homemade black bean burgers!

We (my mom and I) spent most of the day putting in our garden. It’s just a small one, but heck do we ever get a ton of pleasure out of it! This year we planted pumpkins, zucchini, sugar snap peas, green and yellow beans,beets, parsnips, carrots, tomatoes, and watermelon. I’m working on digging up a big patch in the back so I can plant some wild blue sage, dill, mint, and basil as well. I normally just grow a planter of fresh herbs in my kitchen, but I feel like it’s time to commit a bit more and actually start a real herb garden. I just can’t seem to grow enough sage or dill in pots or planters as I’m a HUGE fan of both. Nothing quite beats making MASSIVE pots of super dilly beet borscht with garden fresh ingredients when our chilly Canadian Autumn hits.

Doing the gardening and yard work today, combined with yesterday’s local March on Monsanto rally has really got me thinking about how simple and affordable it really is to eat mostly organic and GMO free. I live on under 600.00 a month (including my half of the mortgage and bills) a lot of the year, and I’m able to eat really well on that so long as I keep my eating habits very rustic and simple.

Simply put, if one is willing to eat the same way most of the less developed world does, it’s dirt cheap.

I buy organic non-gmo brown rice at a local Japanese market (Japanese markets are awesome sorces of organic whole foods if you know a bit about macrobiotics and you’re comfortable asking questions). They keep their prices nice and low by buying bulk, and dividing the rice etc into different sized bags for resale. It’s always super high quality and super fresh.  One of my other major staples is beans. Most of the time I buy bulk dried beans, cook them up in my crock pot and divide them into single serving freezer bags and thaw them as needed.

Even on my tiny budget I’m able to eat abundant amounts of organic produce because I’m saving so much money by not buying many pre-packaged foods and household supplies. Realistically, the fewer “packaged” foods you eat, the fewer of your staples will be genetically modified. You just need to learn how to shop smart, and to do your best to avoid purchasing many food items which require an ingredient list. Hell, at one popular burger joint, even the salt packets have three ingredients listed.

It does take some time to get used to creating routines like cooking ahead, and keeping your pantry stocked with whole foods, and it also takes some effort to get your taste buds acclimated to the earthier flavour profiles.

Today I made a double batch of The Veganomicon’s black bean burgers, so I’ll have quick meals in my fridge and freezer for nights when I’m too tired, or too busy to prepare anything fancy. Pre-cooking things like veggie burgers, brown rice, beans, millet etc and storing them for busy days really does make living this way seem pretty simple. I do of course have some simple frozen packaged food around, but for the most part I’ve got this whole home-cooking thing down to an art-form. It’s easy enough and economical enough that anyone can do it.

Most of us have been brainwashed into thinking that food has to be decadent and easy (and full of animal products)and truthfully, there’s no good reason why we in the industrialized world should be eating such nutritionally deficient,genetically modified, and energetically dead food. True abundance doesn’t look much like the Standard American Diet, or our current “civilized” lifestyle. Less industrialized countries have many really valuable lessons to teach us. If we were to fall in line with what the rest of the world is eating, we’d have plentiful resources to SHARE with our fellow Earthlings.