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I’m still here, moving toward my goals, growing, changing, learning. Even when it feels like I’m at a standstill, or as though I’ve been going backwards in some of my lessons, I’m still heading down my right path. I’ve fallen in a few areas since my health crisis, and I’ve soared in many others.

I’m currently doing a ton of inward seeking and healing and I just don’t feel like I’m in a place where blogging about it is part of my journey.

Walk in Beauty.

Once A Week Vegan: Lo Mein–Vegan Style


Once A Week Vegan: Lo Mein–Vegan Style.


The vegan potato curry I reblogged recently has become a huge favourite at my house – I’m hoping this Lo Mein recipe will become the same.

I’ll most likely be making this on Thursday night as tomorrow I have to get my latest batch of kimchi started, and get some fresh sweet tea into my kombucha continuous brew.