101 Reasons to Quit Eating Processed Foods Forever


101 Reasons to Quit Eating Processed Foods Forever. (source article link)

by Jill Ettinger

Corn Chips

It’s almost impossible to go to the market without coming back with something in a box, bag, can or jar. The simplicity of eliminating steps in preparing our food is now commonplace. We cut corners because food manufacturers make it so unbelievably easy and cheap to do so. Certainly some processed foods are safer than others, and most of us recognize how truly lucky we are to have so many options at our fingertips. And that’s just the point: When we change our food habits, we change the world.

It may seem as if processed food only affects our health, but there’s a much bigger impact…and all the more reason for us to cut processed foods out for good. Need a little motivation in making the shift to a truly whole foods diet? Here are 101 reasons to stop eating processed foods…forever.

  1. Genetically modified ingredients are found in approximately 80 percent of processed foods

  2. They’ve been linked to cancer

  3. Stomach issues

  4. Environmental destruction

  5. Corporate greed

  6. GMO salmon may soon be in our food supply

  7. GMO sugar beets already are

  8. So is GMO corn

  9. GMO soy

  10. GMO canola

  11. GMO cottonseed oil

  12. And GMO alfalfa

  13. As well as GMO squash

  14. GMO papayas

  15. And soon GMO apples

  16. GMO pineapples

  17. Pesticide residue is found in many processed foods

  18. Pesticides cause neurological disorders

  19. Reproductive disorders

  20. And developmental problems in young children

  21. They may be killing off our important bee populations

  22. And birds

  23. And bats

  24. And dragonflies

  25. Artificial colors cause behavior issues

  26. Artificial flavors do too

  27. Like MSG

  28. High fructose corn syrup is genetically modified

  29. It spikes blood sugar levels

  30. Chemical preservatives are as yucky as they sound

  31. Carrageenan causes cancer and digestive disturbances

  32. What is Butylated Hydroxyanisole? Why would you eat something named that?

  33. Conventional eggs can contain salmonella

  34. And the hens were treated like horrible, worthless slaves

  35. Growth hormone rGBH is in many processed dairy foods

  36. Growth hormones in dairy cause hormone problems in the people who consume them

  37. Carmine—a red coloring—comes from bug shells

  38. Most raspberry flavoring comes from a gland extracted from a beaver’s anus

  39. Real food doesn’t need stabilizers

  40. Or anti-caking agents

  41. Mad Cow Disease

  42. Pink Slime

  43. Meat Glue

  44. Avian Flu

  45. Swine Flu

  46. Nanoparticles

  47. Refined grains cause health problems

  48. Packaging waste

  49. Packaging toxins

  50. Gelatin comes from pig hooves

  51. Bug particles are common in processed foods

  52. Excessive sodium causes high blood pressure

  53. And heart disease

  54. Excessive fat clogs arteries

  55. Especially trans fats

  56. Hydrogenated oils

  57. Fractionated oils

  58. Confectioner’s glaze comes from beetles

  59. Nitrites cause cancer

  60. Sodium benzoate is toxic

  61. Brominated vegetable oil is too

  62. Processed food is made by machines

  63. And poorly paid workers

  64. The world’s top food manufacturers destroy rainforests

  65. They require long hours

  66. Employ child labor

  67. And lie about their impact on the planet

  68. You’re usually paying for big brand marketing efforts rather than quality ingredients

  69. Subsidies are given to giant corporations while small farmers struggle to stay in business

  70. Monsanto and other biotech companies were just granted “immunity from the courts” so they can push out GMOs even if a judge says they can’t

  71. Processed foods are meant to sit on shelves for months or longer

  72. Processed foods use a lot of fossil fuels in production and transport

  73. Factories cause pollution

  74. Food in packages causes food waste—a $100-billion-a-year problem

  75. Sugar consumption causes diabetes

  76. And obesity

  77. And behavioral disorders

  78. And skin conditions

  79. And more health problems

  80. Hidden gluten

  81. Hidden soy

  82. Hidden animal fat

  83. It’s not food made with love

  84. Fresh food tastes better

  85. Fresh food is more recognizable by your body

  86. When you make it yourself, you enjoy it more

  87. When someone cooks for you, it’s a gift of love and kindness

  88. We are what we eat

  89. And what we eat eats, too

  90. There are more nutrients in food made from scratch

  91. And more water

  92. And more fiber

  93. And more antioxidants

  94. Meals made from scratch are unique one-of-a-kind works of art

  95. Foods made in factories always taste the same

  96. Microwaves destroy food

  97. Cooking is interactive

  98. It’s stimulating

  99. It’s fun

  100. Anyone can do it

  101. Even you.

And if those reasons aren’t enough, check out this video as well as Dr.Lisle’s book “The Pleasure Trap” to learn more about how processed foods are making life and vitality harder for humanity to maintain:



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