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Apple Fritter Cups

The Happy Herbivore's Apple Fritter Cups.

The Happy Herbivore’s Apple Fritter Cups.

These are another of The Happy Herbivore’s great low fat, plant-based recipes. I LOVE apple fritters, but I for sure don’t need all of the deep frying and white flour and crazy amounts of sugar which generally accompany them.

I have to admit that this is my first time making these, and although I quite like the flavor, the texture seems to be somewhat too “gluey” for my liking. I think that what they need is some chia gel or banana or something like that to help give them some more “poof” and body. The recipe itself is pleasing enough to make me want to fiddle with it until it serves my needs.


Last Night’s Supper and Today’s Happy Sprouts.

The Happy Herbivore Abroad’s Carolina Casserole interpreted by me. (I had no black eyed peas, so I used romano beans).

The Happy Herbivore Abroad’s Carolina Casserole interpreted by me. (I had no black eyed peas, so I used romano beans).

Last night I decided to try out another of the Happy Herbivore’s recipes (I have and use all but her newest book) and this one was a winner for sure. I would like to try this with kale in place of the collards (my mom and boyfriend both find collards a touch bitter) and perhaps a bit more tomato, as the cornbread topping sucked up a little more of the tomato sauce than I would have liked. However, this is still a really tasty dish, and was a snap to throw together. I’ll certainly be keeping this one handy and will post updates if I come up with any really awesome and exceptionally tasty ideas for this dish (I pull apart and rebuild recipes on a regular basis, so this recipe won’t survive without being tweaked to our household’s tastes).

My Happy Sprouts :)

My Happy Sprouts 🙂

I’m not sure what your grocery budget looks like, but mine is TINY. One of the ways that I help meet our nutritional needs is by sprouting. I LOVE kitcheny-stuff which is half cooking, half grade four science class and sprouting is indeed a bit of both.

Sprouts are terrific thrown in all sorts of things and it’s fun knowing that even in the coldest part of winter part of our meal was grown by me.


Ever struggle staying plant-based/vegan? Here’s how to overcome the struggle. – Happy Herbivore Blog

I really love The Happy Herbivore website and books because well, they follow most of the guidelines I am following for reversing my type two diabetes, but also because she is very non-judging and non-pressuring about food. I’m still fairly new to living a plant-based life style (I don’t call myself a vegan anymore because I got tired of people harassing me about the fact that I haven’t thrown out my old wool and leather items and will continue to wear them until they are no longer wearable) and she always offers up non-judging advice which helps people to stay on track. Heck, if you eat one less animal-containing meal a week you ARE helping not only the animals and the planet, but also your health and for me the big picture is far more important than proving my “moral superiority”.