Things Keep Moving Forward



It’s so long between my posts recently as SO much has happened. I was working part time and going to school full-time and also did a practicum as part of my schooling and seeing a counsellor to help me deal with the stress and anxiety of learning to balance so many things at once.

I made it through – I am now a certified Community Disability Support Worker. I graduated at the top of my class (I AM going back for a Bachelor of Social Work in a year or two, however) and did very well on my practicum, which was a lot different than my previous practicum. At this placement I was involved with allot more individuals with complex needs in both a vocational and residential setting.

I really connected with a few of the individuals with whom I worked and I hope to go back and work with them in a year (due to the nature of that specific agency and the types of support it offers a vehicle is a MUST have for employment). So, although I’ve been really anti-car for most of my life I will be getting my learner’s licence in the next month, and will be purchasing a vehicle in the next year or so. I’m still determined to bike as much as I can, and only use the car for things like work and getting out to the mountains to camp, and leaving it parked the rest of the time.

I am still working part time in a deli (which I’m really not fond of – but it’s simply a tool to get me from point A to point B like the future car will be) and am waiting on a final surgery to fix my hernia before I start looking for employment in my field. Because my earlier surgery was an emergency surgery they were unable to put a mesh in, and a mesh is needed in order to keep the hernia from coming back over and over again. I think it’s probably wise for me to hold off on securing a new job until that’s been dealt with as it hardly seems fair to expect an agency to invest time and money in training me (there are a bunch of courses like “non-violent crisis intervention” and “medication administration” which are required and offered on an agency by agency basis) only to have me need a couple of months off to heal.

I guess this is a general update rather than one which gets really specific. I’m working on creating some positive lifestyle changes again, and am reading a few good books (several about fermentation, one about macrobiotics, and one on returning ones lifestyle to a more balanced, natural place). I’ve been online gaming a fair bit (with the support of my counsellor, as I seem to be learning to balance things out and to use this as a positive stress release, rather than as a avoidant behaviour).

I think about this blog daily, and my current desire is to transform it into something which reflects who I am and what my interests are a lot better.  I haven’t quite figured out how to do that yet – but it’s coming.

I’m going to close this update with a video which I find inspiring on a professional level. I’m interested in the field of work I am because self-advocacy and supporting people in finding as much independence as they want to have in their lives speaks to me. It took me many years, and working through a ton of fear to get here – but this is what I’m meant to be doing in the world at this time.

The support worker who shot this video is doing something pretty cool – he’s helping the individuals he supports to create businesses based on their individual skills and interests! What’s so awesome about that is that it is celebrating who these individuals are, and it’s showing that there is room for each and every one of us to shine and to contribute to society. We are all on this planet to share ourselves and to teach one another – the Universe makes no mistakes.






Eastern and western mythological and religious traditions agree that a Word,a primal sound, is the origin of the creation.

The Bible says:

“In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. He was in the beginning with God; all things were made through Him, and without him was not anything made that was made.” – Bible, John 1:1

John is clearly referring to a single creativeWord, not to the Bible collectively.

When you find the Word, you have found God!

The gospel of John is only one example of the ancient and universal belief that God created the Universe by means of a vibratory emanation, a divine Word.

Quantum physics agrees that vibration (sound) is the essence of all forms in the creation. Sound…

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Sweet Kimchi

Sweet Kimchi

This sounds delicious – I need to make more kraut and kimchi pretty soon, and I think I’ll try a spicy version of this.

Mama in the Kitchen

I have been wanting to make Kimchi for a while because of its nutritional benefits: rich in vitamin A, B1, B2, calcium, iron and lactic acid bacteria.  Kimchi is a Korean condiment that is basically fermented cabbage.  So, a few weeks ago, I finally remember to ask Song, a Korean lady at my favourite local health food store, how to make it.  But she introduced me to another shopper instead.

“He knows how to make Kimchi.  Chris, tell her how to make Kimchi,” Song says.

I smiled inside as this White Cooked Foodie (judging from his food at the cashier) explains in detail to me, an Asian Raw Foodie, how to make Kimchi.  Chris is very detailed in his instructions and I am inspired to finally make it.

I experiment a few times, until I get the hang of it.  With Chris’ help and one of my…

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Shine a Light


“Not when truth is dirty, but when it is shallow, does the enlightened man dislike to wade into its waters.”
Friedrich Nietzsche

I’m just never going to be light, fluffy and superficial enough to be one of the “popular” people in any group I choose to participate in. I’ll make intense friendships with people whom I feel a genuine connectedness with, but talk of weather, sports, politics, or celebrity gossip just leave me bored and sort of uncomfortable.

This isn’t a flaw in my personality  – it’s a flaw in how humanity currently functions, and unfortunately it’s one of the aspects of my personality which makes me both unable and unwilling to “fit in”.  I’m not going to pretend that the dead elephant in the room is actually a sofa. I’m working on ways to improve this characteristic to make myself a little more comfortable, without abandoning this part of who I am, just like I’m working on improving and integrating other aspects of my personality which don’t quite function as effectively as I’d like them to.

Sometimes I wish I was different because being who I am is often painful, lonely and uncomfortable, but most of the time I know that part of my mission is to love humanity, and part of my mission is to shine a light on the darker aspects of it, love those aspects and help begin healing them.

Be Like the Squirrel



Loving someone who is passive aggressive (avoids talking about uncomfortable things, and runs if they feel overwhelmed or pressured into standing up for themselves) is really painful at times. It’s hard knowing that my needs are being ignored/taken for granted by someone who doesn’t know how to meet their own. It’s harder to acknowledge and accept that it isn’t their job to fix my inner wounds for me (hell, they’re fixed I just forget to live like it some days).

And the quickie prayer goes like this:

“Thy will My will, My will Thy will” (addressed to the Universe of which I Am; in all of her spiralling wisdom).

It’s hard to remember sometimes that I don’t need to let my hurt or anger run the show, and that when assertive communication fails to meet my needs, I don’t need to swing around to passivity, passive aggressiveness or outright aggressiveness. Patience, and meeting my own emotional needs are all I need right now – I do not need the immediate gratification which I crave, and I do not need someone else’s actions to fix my emotions.

I am whole, and peace resides at the core of my being, I allow myself to live in this moment as the loving, peaceful being I am, and am letting go of my hurt and anger, as they really are choices which I don’t need to make.


Vegan Filet O Tofu Fish Sandwiches


These sound great – must try making them soon!

Your Vegan Neighbor

So, I haven’t blogged in quite a few days… all of this warm summery weather and unusually high temperatures has been keeping us outside pretty late.  We’ve also been busy working on the yard by doing some light landscaping… planting flowers…  starting our herb garden… trimming our peach trees… weeding the front bed… and of coarse we have also spent lots of time just being together playing outside (mostly swinging).

We’re trying to do our part to stimulate the economy by visiting some of our favorite local restaurants too, which is always fun and usually leaves us with delicious leftovers 🙂 Man, this great weather has really been putting me in the mood for a visit to the ocean… but since a beach vacation isn’t in my near future, I decided to make my own ocean experience with these “fish” patties!

After I whipped up this quick yummy 3-ingredient tartar sauce, I realized just how essential the sauce is – it is the sauce that really makes this fish taste for me… probably…

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