Llewellyn Worldwide – Encyclopedia: Term: Khabs


Llewellyn Worldwide – Encyclopedia: Term: Khabs.

Term: Khabs



Khabs is Consciousness of one’s real Individuality, while Khu is the active conscious Personality. “The Khabs is in the Khu, not the Khu in the Khabs.” (This very clearly states that the Divine is not outside of man but is part of the Personality.

Awakening to this is the beginning of Knowledge of the Higher Self. The Divinity is not distant and separate but right in the heart of the matter—in fact, it’s the Soul of the Matter. The Khabs is the soul and the personality is function of the soul.

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke


An Egyptian word that directly translates as “star.” In Thelemic concepts it is the actual identity of the physical self, your real essential personality as opposed the the personality you generally present. See Khu.

I’m still working really hard at balancing my physical, emotional and spiritual life (the way they exist naturally when one is balanced). An online friend who I discuss such things with brought this definition to my attention and it is a concept which I’m working on wrapping my head around. Intellectually, this makes a ton of sense to me, however I think it’ll take some work on my part for me to fully embrace this idea.

Also, this website is pretty amazing. I’ve owned many Llewellyn books over the years, but this website is a new discovery for me. I love learning, and consciousness is currently my favourite topic.


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