There really is a beautiful coyote in the field :P

There really is a beautiful coyote in the field – I was just too far away 😛

Once again, Swami’s weekly message really speaks to me about where I’m at with my own practice. It’s still hard for me to push myself to meditate daily, but I am growing by leaps and bounds, and I’m really starting to see the benefits. I’m much more grounded and awake to who I am and what my path is this month than I was a month ago. Sometimes a bit of tragedy is what is needed to open the door to freedom. I love my life today.


Swami Ken’s Weekly Message


We have to come to a understanding of the reason we meditate. At the beginning, it is very difficult to see why it is so important to meditate for one hour, but as time goes by we start awakening to a new set of rules to live by.

A devotion that is beyond ourselves starts awakening, giving rise to knowledge that is beyond this world of cause and effect. We start treading the path that leads us away from this self to a higher Self. Leading us to an absolute reality, leaving behind all the second-rate values like success, wealth, possession and power.

An understanding arises that we are making our own world by the way we are thinking. Change is why we are meditating, and change we all must do.

Om Shanti!

Blessings from Swami Ken-a
Shantivan Dhyan Center

Swami Ken © 2013 – Shantivan Dhyana Retreat Center

Swami Ken’s Message of the Week, and a little life update.


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  2. This one touches me. I’ve been struggling to make physical changes in my world, but this reminds me of a line from AA’s 12&12 which says “physical progress follows spiritual progress – it never precedes it.” I gotta get the cart back behind the horse again, and put my focus on meditation where it needs to me. Many thanks dear lady ❤

    • The Llewellyn post also addresses that same concept for me, tis part of the bigger picture which I’m working on wrapping my head around. Oddly enough, I finally got around to picking up The Celestine Prophecy and it’s teaching me alot of what I’ve been seeking.

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