Forks Over Knives | Angelina Jolie|Some of MY Thoughts on Food/Health



We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”

                                                                                                     –  Anais Nin

Forks Over Knives | Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy—People Are Desperate for Change.

This article really gets me thinking about my eating habits and my father’s death. My dad has a number of issues, including hepatitis C due to a lifetime of needle use (he was a heroin addict), but in the end it was cancer which killed him. His having had cancer of course puts me in a higher risk category, but I’m quite confident that I will stay cancer free due to my clean lifestyle, and my mostly clean diet. I most certainly won’t do chemo EVER, or have parts of me cut off unless it’s an absolute last resort for an already existing cancer, and even then I’d have to think long and hard. I really do believe that plant based whole foods are the secret to a long healthy life, both for humans and the animals who aren’t winding up on our plates.

I had my own share of struggles with addictions in my earlier life (I went to rehab at age 19, and am 41 now and can honestly say that I have RECOVERED) and I know first hand how quickly proper eating fades out of the picture once addictions, or other imbalanced ways of living (workaholism, video game addiction, depression, sex addiction, unhealthy relationships,eating disorders, money-focused living etc) rear their ugly heads. I can truthfully tell you that when one’s driving force is a desire for “more” of whatever it is one is using (and almost all of us are or have used something at some point) to escape the need to feel, process and LIVE life, one just doesn’t have the time or energy, or even the desire to worry about whether ones body is too acid or not.

I managed a health food juice bar once upon a time, and one of my favourite customers was actually a family (momma, poppa and their 4 year old son) who came in once a week to buy several flats of broccoli sprouts. I asked them why they loved them so much and was surprised to learn that they had beaten their son’s cancer a year previously with the help of juicing and a whole foods diet. I was so impressed and inspired by these people. They weren’t the only miracles to walk through those doors on a regular basis. I also had a dear old friend who had contracted HIV who was finding that dark green (wheat grass) and red juices (carrots, apples, beets primarily) really helped him to maintain a much greater level of health.

My own experience has involved myself stabilizing my blood sugars, triglycerides, and cholesterol and healing a life-long chemical depression through dietary change. I’m far from perfect but heck, if these small changes in my eating can heal my life so effectively, what on earth can making a serious commitment do for me?

I’m intending to really focus in on eating a really high alkaline diet once my finances stabilize (eg a month or so from now) and I will be recording my results and sharing them here once that starts. I’m eager to do a one week juice feast (and have doctor’s clearance to do so), I just don’t have the funds available for the volume of fresh produce that will require.

I’m a firm believer that all things are made up of energy (including us) and in order to be as radiant as possible it’s ideal to eat foods which contain a really strong dose of life-force. Live plants and whole seeds/grains are of course bursting with this energy potential and eating them when they are as vibrant as possible is ideal for optimal health.

The more processed a food is, the lower it is energetically. How alive do you think a can of cream of mushroom soup is? How about a box of macaroni and cheese? To me this just simply explains so much of what is wrong in modern diets, and in turn modern lives. So many people are depressed, sluggish, exhausted and stressed out, and in my personal experience, eating more alive foods will help to cure this issue. In order to eat an optimal diet I really need to focus in on making health the center of my life, which is quite realistically what SHOULD be the center of ones life wholistically.

There will be no cancer or disease in my future, and my body, mind and spirit will all be balanced and working in unity.


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