Ever struggle staying plant-based/vegan? Here’s how to overcome the struggle. – Happy Herbivore Blog

I really love The Happy Herbivore website and books because well, they follow most of the guidelines I am following for reversing my type two diabetes, but also because she is very non-judging and non-pressuring about food. I’m still fairly new to living a plant-based life style (I don’t call myself a vegan anymore because I got tired of people harassing me about the fact that I haven’t thrown out my old wool and leather items and will continue to wear them until they are no longer wearable) and she always offers up non-judging advice which helps people to stay on track. Heck, if you eat one less animal-containing meal a week you ARE helping not only the animals and the planet, but also your health and for me the big picture is far more important than proving my “moral superiority”.


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