An old favourite of mine. Doctor Barnard is amazing.

I’m in agreement with the person I reblogged this from about the overly processed soy foods (or any highly processed foods) not being a regular part of a healthy whole foods lifestyle, but they sure do help in the transitional stages. My mom is currently eating around 85% fewer animal products (which is HUGE for her) thanks to things like Gardien products helping to open her to more meatless options. Whole foods are for sure the way to go, but at the same time, throwing the baby out with the bath water is certainly not ideal either.

I also don’t believe that soy is unhealthy. Much of the anti-soy research has been done by the meat and dairy industries in order to protect their very obvious interests. Hundreds of years of healthy traditional Asian diets which include tofu and other soy items make a pretty strong argument in favour of using soy in moderation.


Of course, we should always be critical. I do not support the claims made in this film about soy-based meat substitutes being something that can frequently be present in plant-based meals – the point, for me, is to step away (and this is a gradual process) from things that are unnatural, unnecessary, and processed. Using the hormones argument in relation to dairy to then switch to promoting soy is questionable.

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I'm a 41 year old woman from a small city in Alberta Canada. I am whimsical and bitter-sweet and am essentially a marshmallow in a porcupine suit. I collect Pez dispensers and books and I love to talk, although I do tend to be fairly introspective. The sort of content which you will find here will vary depending on the day, my mood and what’s going on in my world or of interest to me. I mainly blog as method of reflecting on my day and on my life at the time of the post. I have a history of struggling with social anxiety and depression, as well as type two diabetes, and through living a plant-based, wholistically centered life I've made great strides in these areas. This blog is meant to reflect where I'm at in my life, and how I'm moving toward creating the life I see myself having in my dreams. I will often discuss, whole foods, meditation, personal growth and my day to day struggles and victories. I am also a highschool drop out who is returning to school at age 42, and a person who lives on a very tight fixed income currently, this will also be reflected in my blog.

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